I made this skateboard set during the summer between my sophomore and junior year. I attended a weeklong intensive program at Cornish College of the Arts for skateboard design.

I became inspired by the Seattle's bay, which I had seldom visited, and the nautical themes fascinated me. Completed entirely in spray paint and acrylics, this series embodied my excitement for Seattle and Cornish. Prior to my visit, my portfolio laid barren of any graphic work. After the experience, I embarked on many graphic endeavors in the next year, eager and confident.
I had a strong image in my head of an octopus. I debated whether to execute the illustration in a realistic style or with more of a graphic orientation. I had the amazing opportunity to learn about board graphics from Robynne Raye, the teacher of the class, and author of the book "Inside the World of Board Graphics: Skate, Surf, Snow". I decided to use an illusory style that emulated traditional etching graphics, such as those found in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"
Apart from the octopus, I wanted to extrapolate off of the 19th century feel by incorporating antiqued ships and dive suites.
Using masks made from Frisket, I layered spray-paint to illustrate wave and silt patterns and then, the silhouettes of the main figures. The details in white were added in acrylic as the final step.
I finished off the project by branding the work, under the psudo-company, 'inkd®'. Unfortunately, the name was already used; nevertheless, the project felt fulfilling and I left the experience feeling inspired.  
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