I do not pretend to have the right to speak for others, nor do I assume to have experience with adversity, based upon my race, gender, or sexual orientation.
I do have the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong.

My intent is to direct awareness, because that much, is the least I have to offer.
This piece explores the origins of nationality. I possess the ability to be proud of my Irish heritage, or my Germanic roots. However, many US citizens of African descent are unable identify their exact heritage, it was stolen from them. I used the window of yellow behind the subject to represent pride; it remains un-detailed, but bold and unapologetic, nonetheless.
It is a human right to take pride in being part of a social group, and people should take pride in their heritage, even if it is uncertain. The fact that we still see remnants of our intolerable history even today, is troubling to say the least.  There is no excuse, no place for any oppressive movements in response to pride. It hurts me to think others do not value human life on an equal scale. 
There is so much hurt in this country that is yet to be amended. If nothing else, I would ask that you opened your ears and listen for all your worth. Nothing starts without understanding, and theres only one way to get there.
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